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The New Year Dawns
Friday, January 6th, 2012 | Posted by Rakesh | Comments (1)

A flock of snow geese takes to the air after a gunshot rings out

Where is 2012 taking you?

My year began in the Skagit Valley chasing snow geese. It took a while for us to find them; our first couple of destinations turned up very few geese, though I think that we did find a spot with a great view of their night time resting spot, on an island that’s accessible by foot when the tide’s low. Persistence paid off, though; after dragging ourselves out of our campsite at 4am, we tried another spot, where we had the good fortune of a beautiful sunrise pictured below, and after heading out from there we saw a flock of snow geese.

It wasn’t a huge flock by any means, but a friendly farmer let us film from on his property so we were able to get pretty close, until a hunter took a shot at one and scared them off.

So far on the docket I have a photography workshop in the Skagit in the works, the details of which should be available soon. I have managed to get a team together to start work on a documentary, of which I will be writing here quite a bit in the near future. I am also going to be working with Frank Dux on some training videos; in some of them, I might be the instructor. Either way, there is a lot going on, and this promises to be an interesting year.

What’s going on in your year? Let’s not speak of resolutions, but rather of dreams and goals, things that we will actually stick to, rather than things that we’ll resolve to do until our resolve runs out.

the colors of dawn reflected on the glassy waters of Wiley Slough